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Hosted VOIP or on Premises VOIP PBX

Whether you are after a full-featured hosted solution or just the VOIP lines and direct In dials,
NISS has a solution for you. NISS’s VOIP services can be custom designed to meet your needs.
If you have not see what you need, we can build a bespoke VOIP solution.

Emergency Phones

  • Is your phone system down?

  • Do you need a phone system today?

  • NISS has pre-configured emergency VOIP phone systems ready to install today. All you need is an internet connection and you will be up and running. No Internet, no problem. Ask NISS about a portable network.

    Divert your existing number to NISS’s or use our numbers.

    Ideal for temporary setups.

  • New Offices

  • Campaign Offices

  • Festival site offices

  • Construction sites

  • Markets

  • Promotional stands


VOIP Plans & Pricing

2 Line



Very Small Business

  • Great for a small business that only needs 2 concurrent calls at any time.

5 Line



Small Business

  • Ideal for a small business with 5 to 10 employees. Allows up to 5 concurrent calls and includes 2 numbers as part of the plan.

10 Line



Very Small Business

  • Perfect for a growing, medium sized business. Includes 5 numbers and allows 10 concurrent calls.

Virtual Fax



Custom Specs

  • send fax via email
  • receive fax to email

An ideal way to maintain legacy fax numbers at a minimal cost

Bespoke VIOP



Custom Specs

  • Choose what you want.
  • Number DID’s, lines, fax, etc.