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Carrying out technical tasks is the core business of NISS. Each technical task is referred to as a Service Request. Each Service Request has a ticket generated in NISS’s ERP system, Autotask.

Every service request is categorised to meet the standards of service that NISS strives to achieve.





Definitions of Category service levels are:


Critical – A full-service outage
High – An incident which completely impacts the user’s ability to do work –or- an issue that partially impacts a VIP.
Medium – An incident that partially impacts the user’s ability to do work or one for which a workaround exists
Low – An incident that has no impact on the user’s ability to do work




All NISS customers are assigned NISS’s standard Service Level Agreement (SLA).


NISS Standard SLA’s purpose is to ensure NISS strives to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction to the smallest customer.



Priority Action


Low – Action within 1 business day, resolution within 3 business days
Medium – Action within 2 hours, resolution within 2 days
High – Immediate action, resolution within 1 business day
Critical – Immediate action required. All other tasks to be postponed until critical category lowered

If a customer requires a guarantee that the NISS standard SLA or higher level SLA is to be met, then these contractual SLA’s are to be included in fully executed contractual documents.