Managed Desktop Services

Introducing the NISS range of Managed Desktop Services.

The services are designed to secure, protect, and ensure desktop computers operate at their best.

All Services include:

  • Zero Touch Remote Support. NISS engineers can connect to computers without user intervention.  No confusing ID’s and passwords required.
  • Monitoring. Computer and services are monitored. If a problem occurs, a ticket is created in our system and an engineer will address the issue.


Code Name Antivirus Performance Tuning Windows & MS Updates Software Updates Web Security Online Backup Price ex GST

per annum

MAPP Monitored Antivirus, Patching and Performance X X X X $150
SC Secure Computer X X X X X $200
PNS Peaceful Night’s Sleep X X X X X X $475*
MA Monitored Antivirus X $75

* based on 100gb minimum cost. User profile backup.